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American Evita: Lurleen Wallace

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American Evita: Lurleen Wallace

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America Evita: Lurleen Wallace is a book that includes parallel biographies of Lurleen Wallace, female governor of Alabama, and Evita Peron, beloved Argentinean leader.  Author Janice Law offers an insightful look into the similarities of these two women as they rose to political power and dealt with serious emotional and health-related issues. For those who want to know more about Wallace and Peron, American Evita is a must-read.



Judge Janice Law weaves together the stories of two strong women who exhibited grace and strength under the pressure of being thrust into the political arena amid personal challenges. These two women, Eva Duante Peron and Lurleen Wallace, also share a shocking secret--worlds apart, they are kept in the dark about their own medical issues by the men they love. American Evita: Lurleen Wallace offers up an extraordinary tale of these subjects and gives the reader insight into the personalities of these women and their ongoing relationships with powerful men of their time. It also details the philanthropic personalities of Wallace and Peron, referencing their humble beginnings as the foundations for the differences they would make in their own spheres of influence, as well as the world at large.

Whether you're a history buff with an interest in the way either or both of these women impacted the worlds they encountered, or you're simply up for a great, non-fiction read that is nothing if not inspirational, American Evita: Lurleen Wallace is a wonderful choice in reading material.

Additional Information

Additional Information

ISBN 1940130832
EAN 9781940130835
Publisher Eakin Press
Publish Date Feb 25, 2015
Copyright Date Feb 25, 2015
Binding Paperback

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A Portrait of Character
Occasionally, something about a book strikes one as eminently true, and from that moment, you realize that particular book is not one to be put down, but to be finished, consumed, and filed away for future reference—whether informational or inspirational. American Evita: Lurleen Wallace is such a book.

In literature, as in every other mode of media, truly strong female voices are sometimes difficult to find. Those who would be role models, of whom we should take notice—the characters from history we should be pointing out to our daughters—are few and far between. American Evita offers us two: Eva Duarte Perón, an Argentinean radio personality; and Lurleen Wallace, a dime-store clerk, both of whom morphed into powerful political figures, both exhibiting grace during periods of pressure and illness.

Perhaps what makes this book so different is the adept ability of the author to weave two stories together so well based on this common ground, through there are stark differences in the two women about whom she writes.

I sat down to read this book on a Saturday evening, and save for sleep and Sunday morning church, it absorbed my weekend. This was a book that struck true from Law’s first descriptions of Lurleen Wallace—no matter how many decades have passed since—this is a woman with whom I could sympathize. I recognized myself in small but important components of her story. Some truths transcend time and socio-economic class altogether… making me want to read the book all the more, and see exactly what all I might glean from it.

This is what I got: There are times when we are forced into situations that we never expected, and how we handle ourselves not only speaks to our characters, it impacts countless others around us.

Cheers, Ms. Law, you’ve done well by not only the subjects of your book, but by your readers.

Review by Ashley Burnette / (Posted on 4/29/2015)