Claustrophobic, a tale by Reese Reed

Claustrophobic by Reese Reed
Claustrophobic by Reese Reed

Reese Reed’s Claustrophobic: New Love, New World

Claustrophobic by Reese Reed is the story of beautiful Jessica Christmas, a young woman very much in love with her one and only, Kris Kringle. When Kris asks Jessica to marry him and to sign a contract that neither of them really understands, she barely hesitates, reasoning that as long as she is with Kris, all will be right with the world.

Suddenly Jessica finds herself whisked away from the tropical life she loves, to spend eternity with Kris in a very cold, if not beautiful, climate. Their only companions in this strange, new world are the Elders, a group of unusual little people with magical powers and decidedly pointy ears.

A New Assignment

While Jessica and Kris initially embrace the wonder and excitement of their new, eternal roles as Mr. and Mrs. Claus, Jessica soon realizes all that she has given up in order to take on this assignment and begins to feel a little, well, claustrophobic. Worry and indecision plague the newlyweds, to the point that the Elders and her new husband offer her an option for escape from this new, claustrophobic setting. She could return to the life she knew and loved before she signed her name to the contract on that fateful day at the beach just a few months before.

Jessica’s Decision

Jessica’s decision will not only impact her own life, but the lives of the Elders and of course, Kris. Can her love for him overcome her hesitation about signing away everything familiar and everything she had ever hoped for in her other life? Can she come to terms with her new assignment or will she choose to walk away from Kris, the Elders, and the hundreds of thousands of children who also will depend upon her from here until eternity?

Reese Reed offers a new perspective on the age-old tale of Santa and Mrs. Claus, and gives her readers something to think about with Claustrophobic as December 24th draws near.

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