Monroeville, Alabama: Sit a Spell

Monroeville, Alabama: Literary Capital of Alabama
Monroeville—Literary Capital of Alabama

Our hometown of Monroeville, Alabama could be called America’s Hometown. In fact, millions of people have already read all about us, even if they don’t know it: Harper Lee used Monroeville as the model for the fictional town of Maycomb in her timeless classic, To Kill A Mockingbird. Readers familiar with the descriptions of the businesses and offices situated around Maycomb’s town square will find similar geography in Monroeville. Many fans have passed through over the years, retracing Scout’s steps from one side of town to the other.

Monroeville, Alabama’s Best Known Landmark

The Old Courthouse –where Atticus Finch argued the Tom Robinson case– is at the center of Monroeville, and is now the Monroe County Museum. It houses exhibits dedicated to Harper Lee and Truman Capote, who happened to be childhood friends. Visitors walking through the beautifully restored Court room may recognize it as a near-exact replica was built on a Hollywood soundstage for the film version of Mockingbird. There are even performances of the To Kill a Mockingbird play at the Courthouse each spring. The opportunity to see Harper Lee’s beloved novel come to life in the most authentic setting possible keeps performances sold out year after year.

Monroeville, Alabama’s Famous Locals and Their Influence

Monroeville was named the “Literary Capital of Alabama” in 1997 for Harper Lee, Truman Capote, and several other authors who lived here, . The monuments and murals celebrate our hometown heroes and their work, as well as the history of literature itself. By taking everything she saw and knew from Monroeville and fashioning it into an American masterpiece, Harper Lee demonstrated the power of one writer’s experience to influence readers all over the world.

Monroeville, Alabama’s Book Shoppe–Dedicated to a Legacy

We opened Ol’ Curiosities & Book Shoppe to reflect the esteemed literary tradition of Monroeville, Alabama. This is what makes our town special, and we wanted to build a place for our local readers and tourists to visit, learn more about our authors, and have the opportunity to take one of Monroeville’s most famous products with them: a book! Only steps from town square, you’ll find limited editions of To Kill A Mockingbird, Go Set A Watchman, and much, much more. We’re also happy to share some scenic spots and photo stops to round out your literary tour and help you create some wonderful memories of your visit to Monroeville, Alabama.

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