So Many Houses by Hester T. Bass

So Many Houses by Hester Thompson Bass
So Many Houses by Hester Thompson Bass

So Many Houses: A Journey for New Readers

Great children’s books instill a love of reading, but the best ones also take young minds on some very interesting journeys. Such is the case with So Many Houses by Hester T. Bass.

A wonderful first reader that children and parents alike will love for its simple and sweet message, So Many Houses introduces the many types of homes in the world, and in doing so, takes the children who read this little book to a lovely handful of new places. From igloos to grass huts, apartments to teepees, mobile homes to seaside cottages, So Many Houses introduces new words and concepts to its audience, and author Hester Thompson Bass takes them on a journey to settings outside the familiar.

So Many Houses: Literary Elements Parents Will Love

So Many Houses introduces new key reading words for young learners and engages them with colorful images and flowing words that make reading it a real joy.

Made all the better with the beautiful artwork of Alik Arzoumanian, this brilliantly illustrated, content-rich Rookie Reader book is a delight that parents will enjoy again and again with their little ones, and is a wonderful addition to any young child’s bookshelf.

For adults who share in their children’s learning experiences, and for growing children who are curious about who wrote it, So Many Houses provides insight about the homes of the author and illustrator to boot. We learn that Hester T. Bass considers books her tickets to world-travel and that, while she has visited many of the homes described in So Many Houses, she lives in a house made of wood and glass in the Alabama foothills. Alik Arzoumanian created the artwork for the book from her apartment in a red-brick building in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

So Many Houses is certainly among our favorite books for little ones. What was your favorite book as a child and why?


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