Ol’ Curiosities and Book Shoppe and Monroe County Heritage Museum present: Forgotten Alabama & More Forgotten Alabama photographer Glenn Wills at Old Courthouse Museum




Huntsville, Alabama native Glenn Wills has taken nearly 15,000 pictures across all 67 counties in the state of Alabama. It began when one day Glenn noticed an old car by the side of the road, but realized that he didn’t have a camera with him to capture the moment. From that moment, Glenn set out to photograph “forgotten” physical reminders of our past. His photographs range from abandoned stores and buildings to old cars and houses, and more.

Glenn took his collection of photographs and turned them into not one, but two photography books: Forgotten Alabama and More Forgotten Alabama.

Glenn will be at the Old Courthouse Museum in Monroeville, Alabama next Thursday February 23rd from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Forgotten Alabama and More Forgotten Alabama will both be available for purchase, and Glenn will be happy to autograph them. He will also be sharing a PowerPoint presentation that will take viewers on a journey, explaining how the project came to be and showing examples of his photography. Following the presentation, there will be a question and answer session with Glenn.

We hope to see as many of our friends as possible next Thursday to meet Glenn and explore and discuss Forgotten Alabama and More Forgotten Alabama at the Old Courthouse Museum.

If you can’t wait until next week and want a sneak peek of Glenn’s work, visit https://www.facebook.com/forgottenalabamathebook/.


For questions or further information, please contact one of the following:

Nathan Carter

Old Courthouse Museum



Ann Mote
Ol’ Curiosities & Book Shoppe

Update on Harper Lee Memorial



yay-5842472-digitalIt was announced last week that Ol’ Curiosities and Book Shoppe would be holding a candlelight vigil in memory of Ms. Lee.

We now have a time and date for this event. It will be held on Saturday, February 27th, at 6pm on the lawn of Ol’ Curiosities and Book Shoppe. All who are interested and able are encouraged to attend this memorial service.

And again, we sincerely thank  ALL of you for the kind words you have sent us through Facebook, emails and comments on our blog. We continue to be amazed at how much Ms. Lee was loved and appreciated.


The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono

The Man Who Planted Trees

As a bookstore owner you have hundreds of books come through your shoppe weekly if not daily and it becomes a little overwhelming at times. You never get a chance to read even a small percentage of those no matter how many you hold back for your reading pile (or in my case room). The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono is just one of those books that crossed my desk and I put aside for an easy read. Sometimes as readers we need those small stories to read between longer novels while we are still digesting the material from them. The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono is an amazing story of how one man can change the world for the better and a story you won’t mind reading time and time again.

The copy of The Man Who Planted Trees that came across my desk was a used copy that got picked up at an estate sale and once I finally got around to reading it I was touched by the simplicity of the story. Sometimes life seems to go by so fast that we don’t realize the simple things around us. I am not trying to be a softy or even persuade anyone to buy a copy, but what I do wish is that you will watch the video below of the story and let me know what you think. We only have a few copies here at the shoppe. If you would like one and you see that we are out, please call us at 251-494-9356.


The Man Who Planted Trees from Max Urai on Vimeo.

Christmas Tree of Books 2015

Christmas Tree of Books

It’s holiday season and that means that it is the time of the year for our amazing Christmas Tree of Books again!

Our Christmas Tree of Books (an original creation by one of our lovely owners, Ann Mote) was such a HUGE hit last year, that we have decided to continue with the tradition.

However, to add variety this year, we built the Christmas Tree of Books inside, instead of out on the front porch where it was located last year.

We invite you to come spend some time with us browsing through the pages of our books or perhaps purchasing that special gift for the reader in your life! We are open Monday -Saturday, 9:00 – 6:00!

Christmas Tree of Books (2)

Monroeville’s Grand Illumination and Winter Market 2015

Snowman Tree and Star

The Annual Grand Illumination and Winter Market in Monroeville, Alabama was held on Thursday, November 12th. Ol’ Curiosities and Book Shoppe was invited to participate as a vendor in the Winter Market. We were fortunate enough to set up in a great location next to one of our favorite restaurants, the Prop and Gavel, located downtown on the square, not far from our Shoppe. We shared vending space with one of our dear friends Julianne Stacey, also known as The Piggy Purse Lady. Mrs. Ann handed out popsicles to all children that stopped in. Our selection of books that evening included children’s books, seasonal books, and books by local authors. We had a lot of old friends stop by to see us and were able to meet a few new ones as well.

In the meantime, patrons enjoyed shopping in other local businesses on the square. The Grand Illumination (annual lighting of the Christmas tree) was held at Lyle Salter Park. To the delight of the children present, Santa and Mrs. Claus dropped in for a visit. According to Santa, his “nice list” is pretty long this year. It also snowed a little that night.

We appreciate everyone for stopping by and shopping with us. We had a great time and enjoyed our location.

Check out our setup below: our Snowman tree was a big hit!!

Happy Veterans Day, Monroeville

Veterans Day Monroeville Alabama
Happy Veterans Day Monroeville
Wishing the Veterans of Monroeville a Happy Veteran’s Day.

Today is a day that we celebrate all those who have so valiantly defended our freedoms throughout the decades. Without our veterans, we know how very different life in these United States would be, if there were any United States at all.

Today, as you go about your business in Monroeville, or wherever else you might be in the wide world, make sure you wish a Happy Veteran’s Day to a man or woman who has acted as a member of the United States Military.  Tell him or her how very much you appreciate the services and sacrifices made that make the world in which we live all the better.

It’s Veterans Day, Monroeville.  That’s why Ol’ Curiosities & Book Shoppe would like to extend our thanks to all that have served our country! We appreciate each one of you! You have made a difference in many lives and we are grateful…

Happy Veterans Day, Monroeville!